Digillel is a marketing services agency which leverages data and technology to Identify, Retarget and Convert Anonymous prospects from your website to registered leads, subscribers and/or purchases.  Our core focus and expertise is Lead Generation and have the depth of 15 years experience within the Financial, Health and Education industries utilizing Direct Response Piece and all “Digital Engagements”.

As your marketing services agency, we manage the end to end lead generation retargeting and data solution for our customers across multiple Network partnersDigillel is full service and utilizes response data. All other platforms are self-service and use compiled data as their “anchor”. What also separates us, is that we use a scoring model based on “recency”, and “live interaction” data (linked to actual customers). We will not target certain lower scored tiers. In addition, we provide additional solutions to customers that certain platforms cannot execute e.g. send a number #10, letter insert advertisement, “a catalog postcard”, invitation to apply versus (all others) that just mail a simple 4×6 postcard.  We deliver the approved advertisement in a timely manner while having the ability of knowing where your mail is tracking it piece by piece.  The platforms that work with us are our partners as they leverage our data and lead generation focus, while other platforms that won’t work with us could be considered competitors. However, typically the competitors core focus has been the use of compiled data, mailing “to the head of household or known “resident”.

Most platforms enable the automated workflow of daily mail deployment. However, it is becoming more commodified and in our opinion, data matching is the most important component to the retargeting business model.  Digillel and its network partners have a deep understanding of database marketing and how direct response data (live interactions) is superior to all others.

Other differentiators amongst these platforms are, advertisement specifications offerings; some can only manage a postcard advertisement, as we manage not only postcards of all varieties, a #10 sealed letter insert campaign or a mini catalog advertisement.   The Service and Administration of these platforms range from self-service post setup to partial management to full management.  Digillel, manages the full process end to end with additional services, is platform agnostic and will test multiple platforms (network data) to maximize ROI for its customers.